“Pears” – Oil Pastels Art

Oil Pastels Pears

“Pears” is an oil pastels piece done in 2011. The surface is pastelbord, and the size of the piece is 8×10.

I really love pastelbord the more I use it.  There really is no comparison with pastel paper of any sort.  Not only is pastelbord a solid, thick surface, but the actual surface itself is gritty and has plenty of tooth to pick up the oil pastels with.

I am pleased with how this piece turned out – the colors are bright and vibrant and I feel that the wood texture underneath worked out well too.

This piece is now available for purchasing prints at Redbubble:

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  • Your oil pastel work is an inspiration. Thank you. I look forward to more posts. Finding oil pastel works and information takes some hunting. Soft pastels abound, oil pastels not so much. Thanks again.

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