Oil Pastels Flower – “Valentine Rose”

Oil Pastel Flower - Valentine Rose

Oil Pastels Flowers – “Valentine Rose”

More Oil Pastel Flowers!

This oil pastels rose piece was done on 8.5 x 11 Canson Mi Tientes colored paper (black), using Sennelier oil pastels exclusively.

This piece really all came together towards the end. It felt like it wasn’t going right until I got into the detail in the rose petals, and some of the details in the leaves. I struggled with how much detail to put into the leaves. Too much detracted from the rose, yet too little just left something to be desired. I feel like I struck a balance in the end.

The details in the rose petals were a combination of pink, reds, a dark red, light orange, and a touch of yellow. White highlights here and there rounded everything out.

I think that oil pastels really lends itself well to flower drawings such as this. I am working on creating a series of Oil Pastel Flowers so stay tuned and look for more of those in the future!

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