Oil Pastels Drawing – “Lazy Sunday”
Oil Pastels Drawing
Oil Pastels Drawing: "Lazy Sunday"

This oil pastels drawing was submitted to The Daily Paintworks Challenge last week.  The challenge is now over but all the entries can be viewed here:  Daily Paintworks Challenge.

I used all Sennelier Oil Pastels for this piece.  It is 6×8 inches on colored Canson Mi Tienes pastel paper.

I had decided that the original photo in the challenge was lacking in enough color, and placed more of the greens and yellows in the reflection on the back trunk of the car.  Overall this drawing is more impressionist and suggestive, rather than an attempt to be realistic and precise.  I felt that this gave the piece more of a mood to it.

Looking back I can see where some areas could have used improvement, for example the detail underneath the car’s round red light.  However given the impressionist nature of the drawing overall, I felt I could just suggest what was going on rather than trying to get too detailed.

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