Oil Pastel Flowers

Flowers in Oil Pastels

Flowers in Oil Pastels

Oil Pastel Flowers!

I did these in 2009 while learning how to use oil pastels in art school.  I find oil pastels are so much fun to work with — if you have artist-quality pastels!  Otherwise, it can really be frustrating and even hamper development of the piece.

The base colors here are done with Cray-Pas Expressionist, which are so-so quality in my opinion.  I used Sennelier oil pastels in white almost exclusively for the white areas of the flowers.  Also added Senneliers for greens reds and some yellows.

BTW – if you are looking for more oil pastel techniques, check out OilPastelTechniques.com!

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After working on this piece I went out and bought 9 more Sennelier oil pastels (individual sticks purchased from Jerry’s Artarama in Virginia Beach), so now I have more variety to work with!  :grin:

Anyway, I’m fairly pleased with how this piece worked out.  I think I could have gone more dark for the shadowing inside the flowers and some in the petals. But the dark is a good contrast to the delicate flowers, in my opinion.  Also, the quality of the photo here doesn’t do the piece justice!  The colors from the oil pastels actually look much richer and vibrant.

I think oil pastels are great for paintings of flowers and I’m looking forward to doing more in the future.

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Any comments or criticisms are welcome!

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