Oil Pastel Art – A Zippo Lighter

Zippo Lighter Drawing in Oil Pastels

Oil Pastel Drawing - "Zippo Lighter"

This drawing is a zippo lighter in Oil Pastels. I did this on sand-colored Pastelbord, size 8×10.

It has been mentioned that a reflection within the lighter might have been interesting, and I may eventually decide to do that.  For now, I feel like I’ve moved on from this piece and am ready to work on something else, but I may return to it down the road at some point and see if a reflection can be added.

Overall I’m really pleased with how this turned out.  I enjoy doing pieces that have some reflection within, such as with my Christmas Ornaments still life in Oil Pastels, or my Self Portrait in Conte Crayon.  Somehow I enjoy the play of light and working out how colors may reflect within an object.

Most of the darks in this piece are ultramarine blue, raw umber, and some black mixed in.  I took colors mostly from my growing collection of Sennelier Oil pastels, however for some of the fine details I turned to a few new pieces of Mungyo oil pastels.  I also filled in some of the background with a gray color Mungyo.


Soon I plan to post the series of photos I took while working on this, to demonstrate the techniques involved in creating the drawing.  I would like to do more of an “Oil Pastel Techniques” series here on this blog, so maybe those photos can be a starting point.  But that’s for later, I don’t have the time right now to put that together.


I would like to mention a fantastic book that gave me some inspiration for working on this.
The Pastel Artist’s Handbook is an excellent handbook packed with information, giving techniques and demonstrations for working in pastels. While dedicated mostly to the soft pastels, there is a section on oil pastels, and most of the techniques and information in the book can be applied to any type of pastel.
I picked it up at a nearby Border’s closeout sale, but of course it can be found at Amazon too.


Finally, I tried something a bit new, as far as my environment and materials, while working on this oil pastels drawing. I taped the Pastelbord to an Artist sketch board, which gave me more room to rest my hands and arms while working on the piece. Here is a photo of what I mean:

Artists Sketch board

Doing this also made the piece itself more compatible, so that taking a break meant I could just set the whole sketch board off to the side.

Well it’s time for me to start the next piece! ;-)

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