May Beauty Be Before Me
May Beauty Be Wallpaper
May Beauty Be All Around Me


I made this wallpaper based on a daily affirmation I have been saying in the mornings.  The affirmation is:

May Beauty be Before Me
May Beauty be Behind Me
May Beauty be Above Me 
May Beauty be Below Me
May Beauty be All Around Me

The affirmation is based on a prayer said at the end of the movie The Sunchaser starring Woody Harrelson.

I took the photo at sunrise at a lake nearby where I often go walking with my wife and son.  The wallpapers are free to download for personal use as you wish.   If interested in any commercial use please contact me first.

Here are the download links to all the available resolutions.  If you would like a resolution that isn’t seen here, let me know and I will create it and add it to this list.


Enjoy it, and my beauty be all around you!

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