“Homage to Diego Rivera”
Drawing in Oil Pastels - Homage to Diego Rivera
Oil Pastels Drawing - Homage to Diego Rivera

This Oil Pastels drawing was done in my Drawing 2 class.  I enjoyed working on this one very much as I was able to try out a variety of oil pastel techniques.  Oil pastel art is different from other drawing mediums.  It isn’t quite like crayon or charcoal, yet it isn’t like painting with oils or acrylics, either.

Blending with oil pastels can take practice to perfect, and I can recommend studying some master artists and attempting what’s called “Master Copy” of one of their pieces.  Of course no artist these days wants to do work that might be considered un-original, however a study such as this can help improve your skills and particularly in this case, practice with the oil pastel techniques used.

Diego Rivera was so impressive in the way he utlilized the greens and yellow throughout the piece.  Although I don’t want to spend my time copying other great artists however for class I understand why it’s assigned.  In this case I found I learned a great deal, not just in using oil pastels but about the attention to detail that makes artists such as Rivera so great.

Again with this piece as with my other oil pastel art, there is such a difference with using the “student quality” oil pastels vs going with your professional quality Sennelier Oil Pastels.

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