“Little Hawk” – Oil Pastels Painting
Little Hawk - Oil Pastels Art
Oil Pastels Art – “Little Hawk”

My son, who is nearly 4 months old at the time of this post, is nicknamed “Little Hawk”. This piece is for him.

This oil pastel art was done in mostly Sennelier Oil Pastels on a 9×12 sheet of Canson Mi-Tientes paper, I referenced a photo found on MorgueFile.com.

Click to see the larger size here: “Little Hawk” – Oil Pastels Art

I worked hard at getting the feel of the depth in the eye of this hawk. The feathering I decided to not get as detailed on. I feel that leaving the feathers around the rest of the head less detailed brings the focus back to the eye and over to the beak.  The feeling of the detail in the feathers is there when you focus around the eye.

I have plans to make this into a bigger piece, possibly on either Gessobord or on Pastelbord. The sheet of Canson paper came out of a pad of paper that should really be used only for sketching and practice pieces.  This became a full oil pastels painting after I worked with it and felt like things were coming along well.  But the paper did leave something to be desired, and I would like to attempt this again, not only on a better surface, but also I would like to see it done in a larger scale.  I have been doing several pieces lately that range in the 9×12 to 8×10 range, and I want to do some bigger pieces of oil pastel art. This piece I feel will work well in a bigger size.

I found that I really did enjoy doing a painting of a hawk. These creatures are absolutely amazing and I want to spend time doing more of them.


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4 Comments on “ “Little Hawk” – Oil Pastels Painting ”

  • That is a beautiful painting! I think spending time with more hawks would be spectacular!

    I stopped by to thank you for your visit to Bliss Habits and for your wise words. As you can tell I was very disappointed, due in large part because Leo is such a great blogger… as I said, everyone makes mistakes… perhaps he and are even then! ( Not that I get into tit for tat counting of anything!) Thanks do much for lending your perspective. I do hope you will stop by again!
    Kathy Sprinkle´s last blog post ..The Elephant side of Community!

  • Hi Eric,
    I have been looking to start doing some work with oil pastels, however I am a lot more comfortable with charcoal and pencils. So my question was would a light pencil outline be good to start with or would you suggest just doing those with pastels too because I tend to be a perfectionist at times. I would really appreciate your feedback.

    I have been looking through your pastel work and it is very inspiring. This hawk is very beautiful:) I hope to see more.

  • The painting looks so natural that i thought it is a photo of hawk taken by camera. This could be an ordinary piece of work for those who don’t have aesthetic sense but i do acknowledge what you portrayed in this painting. I am trying to find out the message behind the sharp eyes of the hawk.
    Sara P´s last blog post ..In Mould Labelling with AYVA

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