You Have Got To Do This One Thing

If you want to find success, happiness, well-being and real fulfilment in life, love, and the world we all live in, then there is the one thing you have GOT to do.

You have to love your life

Eric D. Greene
Eric D. Greene,
Lake Tahoe Beach 2015

It really is just that simple.

You have to love yourself and love the life you are living

If you aren’t in love with your life right this moment, it isn’t getting to somewhere else that is going to change things. It all starts with you, right here, right now.

So if you are waiting for success and fulfillment to come to you, after which you then expect to be grateful and happy and loving your life, then you’ve got the process backwards.  Instead, turn it all around… (more…)

Life Is What You Make It

Life Is What You Make It
Life Is What You Make It

Life is what you make it

I have been thinking about this common saying lately, that life is what you make it.  This saying which is so simple, and we may hear stated so often, yet deeply wise. I even wonder if this is the deepest of spiritual truths?

Life, meaning our reality and the world and universe around us, is what we make it out to be.  Notice how it is up to us to decide.  It is how you make it.  Not anybody else.  Not your friends or your parents or your schools or your society or anybody else.  Your life is what you make it as.  In other words, the decision is up to you.  With that decision is such power, such freedom, such responsibility.  You have the power to be the creator of your reality.  Or, you can give that power away!  It’s still up to you.


Be Careful of the Words You Speak to Yourself

Eric - May 2014I’ve learned to be REALLY careful of the things I say about myself and about the world I live in. Because what I have found is that the words you both think and speak aloud, create the reality around you. Rather than just talking about what we think we are observing, we’re actually creating it when we say it and think it. So I observe and be aware and make corrections to any self-defeating or disempowering thoughts that still bubble up from time to time.

Does this mean I am ignoring negative thoughts and issues I need to face up to? Does it mean I’m living in some fantasy world and lost touch with the reality around me? NO it doesn’t! Actually the way I see it I’m more in touch with reality than I’ve ever been. The point is, the words we speak and think are crucial elements to the creation of the world around us. When we say things like “I’m so miserable” or “I’ve never been good at ____” or “I can’t ever do that, or be like that amazing person” we are really MAKING IT SO when we say that. It’s not just a passing observation!