Five years ago…

On July 22, 2006, five years ago today, I went on a first date with the person who is now my wife, Arleen. We went to go see the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 2. It wasn’t an official “date”… we planned to meet with other coworkers for the movie, but as it turned out, only she and I ended up going! We had such a good time together that we decided to go out for karaoke later that night.

Funny how things work out. Five years later, and we’re still together. I don’t know where I would be today if not for her. Five years later and we have our own house, a six month old son, and I have a stable enough job that supports the both of us while she takes care of the baby at home. We have big dreams and we wonder where we will possibly be in the next five years.

I want to tell you just a little bit more about this wonderful woman I met five years ago. Arleen has a light inside that is so amazing, she inspires me and motivates me to do great things. Just the last couple years have been incredible. We have both taken classes together at art school, which reignited my own passion for art to the point that it’s become everything this personal website is about, if that tells you anything! We started a band, which is now defunct since having our baby in January of this year. But we recorded a five-song demo and even played live at a show once.

Not only that, but in May 2009, I found the job that suits me perfectly – as web developer and programmer for the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach. I’m in charge of keeping their bookstore website running at, and I very much enjoy being a part of the A.R.E. now. The people there are great and from the start I knew I was the right person for the job.

And then of course now there is our six month old son, Forrest Glenn Greene, who is such a joy to be around! Even though it has only been six months, we both cannot imagine now what life was like before he arrived. He is so happy all the time and just recently started to sit up on his own! Being a dad has brought responsibilities that I never thought (or knew) that I was ready for. But now I don’t even see it as the challenge that I once envisioned fatherhood might be. Instead I just want to be the best dad and the best all-around person that I can be.

And so, looking back over these past five years, I can see so clearly what a tremendous beginning it was in July of 2006. And it all started with meeting Arleen out for a movie and karaoke. I don’t know where I would possibly be without her today. I’m so grateful and amazed at all that life has to offer for the both of us now! Stay tuned for the ten-year edition of this story… I know it will be absolutely great!!

TCC Student Art Show Award

Visual Arts CenterOn Saturday, I won an award at TCC’s 38th Annual Student Art Show.  The award was in the drawing category, specifically, the Tidewater Art Alliance and One Eleven Art Award of Excellence in Drawing.

It was a tremendous honor to be selected as an award winner.  There were some seriously amazing pieces by all the students in the show, and some of my personal favorites there did not take any awards (which made it an extra honor for me).  It came down to judge Nicole McCormick Santiago’s personal tastes and choices, and as she mentioned during the show – if it had been another judge, there would very likely have been a different list of award winners entirely.

My piece that won was “Cow Skull Drawing“, in India Ink Wash.

India Ink Wash (links to 800x600 size)
Cow Skull (links to 800×600 size)

The full list of award winners for the show is as follows:

  • President’s Award – Michelle Bradford (“Toy Collection”, oil on canvas)
  • Purchase Award – Wendy W. Maness (“Sunflower”, photograph)
  • Vice President’s Award – John Gregor (“Rich”, oil on canvas)
  • Provost’s Award – Jennifer Ditona (“The Price of Gas”, photograph)
  • Provost’s Award – Kelly Conway (“Stop, Caution, Go”, glass)
  • Provost’s Award – Jacqueline Poutasse (“In the Moment”, charcoal)
  • Provost’s Award – Heidi Kerger (“Crane in Water”, stoneware)
  • Dean’s Award – Jerry Whitehurst (“Fountain Ballet”, alabaster glass)
  • John and Karen Kise Award of Excellence in Graphic Design given in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Mearl A. Kise – Melissa Murch (“Stravinsky Poster”, computer generated image)
  • Director’s Award – Donald McIntire (“”, web design)
  • Jerry’s Artarama Award of Excellence for a Master Interpretation – Brittany R. Callis (“Van Gogh’s: Road With Cypress and Star”, oil pastels)
  • Shelley Brooks & Chrysler Museum of Art Award of Excellence for Expressive Content – Kavita John (“Unrevealed”, photograph)
  • Award of Excellence in Design/Foundations & Peninsula Fine Arts Center – Michael Draeger (“Foundation Compilation”, mixed media)
  • Darrell and Sally Craig Award of Excellence in Drawing – Ferracino Freeman (“Mos Definitely”, silverpoint, chalk)
  • Brutti’s & Chrysler Museum of Art Award of Excellence for Craftsmanship – Shela Edmonds (“Spring”, clay)
  • Richmond Camera & Portsmouth Museums award of Excellence for Photography – Samantha Crow (“Cake”, photograph)
  • Award of Excellence in Photography – Clara D. Pennix (“Bricks in Ice”, photograph)
  • Award of Excellence in Painting – Stephanie H. Jones (“The Naro”, oil on canvas)
  • Award of Excellence in Graphic Design – Patrick Spalding (“In Our Shadow”, computer generated image)
  • Award of Excellence in Glass – Meghan Justice (“Orange and White Vases”, glass)
  • Tidewater Art Alliance & One Eleven Art Award of Excellence in Drawing – Eric D. Greene (“Cow Skull”, india ink wash)
  • Award of Excellence in Ceramics – Erin McDonald (“Blistered”, stoneware)
  • Everett and Ann Johnston Award of Excellence in Animation – Trisha Midgett (“Glass Animation”, digital movie)
  • Hartung Gallery and Art Supplies Award of Excellence for Color – Lynette Lavallee (“Emo”, oil pastels)

Congratulations to everyone.  The show will continue to be held at the Visual Arts Center, through April 26th (9am to 8pm).  The address is 340 High Street in Olde Towne Portsmouth.

By the way, if anyone listed above would like a link back to their site, I will be happy to oblige.  Just let me know at