How to use Oil Pastels

Drawing in Oil Pastels is awesome!  When drawing with oil pastels, you get many of the benefits of both painting in oil as well as drawing.  You get to experience mixing and use of colors, like you would with painting, but you also don’t have to put all your drawing skills to the side in favor of a brush, mediums, and the extra time it takes to get into an oil painting.  Just pick up a stick of your oil pastels and start drawing with them!

I’m writing this blog post because I am seeing a growing number of people hitting my blog from the search phrase “How to use oil pastels”.  I have some experience with these, which you can check out some examples of my work on this site.  One of which is this one:

Christmas Ornaments (artwork in Oil Pastels)
An Oil Pastel Drawing, 8×10 © Eric D. Greene


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