Oil pastels drawing – Christmas ornaments

Oil Pastels Drawing - Christmas Ornaments
Oil Pastels Drawing - Christmas Ornaments

This oil pastel drawing was done in class, and some at home from a photo.  I was pleased with the result.  Art in oil pastel can be tricky.  Although this piece turned out fairly colorful, I always remember that value is the most important.  Oil pastels can also be difficult sometimes to get the fine lines, such as around the edges of the ornaments.  You have to use just the edge of the pastel stick to get the fine line, and sometimes you can even cheat a little and use a white colored pencil or something similar (I didn’t do that in this piece btw).

I really need a better set of oil pastels. These expressionist are just not happening. Luckily I had a stick of sennelier white. Anyone feeling generous, feel free to visit Jerry’s Artarama and pick out a nice set for me. Anyway, I think this worked out rather well. Need to brighten up those yellows in back though, now that I look at it from a photographic perspective…

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Stippling Art – “Shoe”

Stippling Artwork - Shoe
Stippling Drawing Technique

This stippling drawing was done for my Drawing 2 class at TCC.  It took roughly 20-22 hours to complete.  I mostly used a .05 file line Prismacolor pen.

In the future I’ll do more stippled artwork. Although it does take time I definitely enjoy doing them. There is something about the stippling technique that is therapeutic and fun.

Stippling itself just turns out into really cool artwork, as long as you have the patience and dedication to how it will work out.  Sometimes in the beginning stages it can be easy to want to give up because it does take a long time to finish.  Also, you have to be careful in some places to not over-do it because especially with a pen, it can’t really be done over another one – once all those little dots are in place, it forms the impression of a certain value, and adjusting values isn’t easy with stippling.


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Cow Skull Drawing

India Ink Wash - Cow Skull
Cow Skull in India Ink Wash

This piece was done in an india ink wash using  mostly sepia, but some black ink is mixed in.  Overall I’m pleased – I think the feel for the lighting worked out well.  But there are some areas I think could be done better with more practice with the medium.  On the right side, I still need to darken the underside of the table.