4 thoughts on “Scratchboard Drawing – “anathema”

  1. Exquisite IS the word! Tell me more about scratchboard and what you used to create this look – wonderful piece!

    1. Actually this ended up being similar to stippling – but using a xacto knife on the dark surface to carve out the whites. The surface of scratchboard is clay… they put a thin coat of india ink on it I believe. That thin coat is what gets carved away to reveal the white underneath. Glad you like it!

  2. Hi Eric, just thought I’d pop in and see what you’re up to. I do like the shoe you’ve just done, but thought I would comment on this piece instead – I love the light and the diagonal created by the extended arms! Very dramatic piece.

    Tania’s last blog post..Painted Warrior

    1. Tania, hey there, I really enjoy your work! This was my second scratchboard piece.. done in my Drawing 2 class. I’ll post the other one I did shortly. I love working with scratchboard – it can be so dramatic. This piece here took longer than it should – it ended up becoming like stippling where I’m scratching out tiny bit by tiny bit to achieve the blending in values. Which I can’t say I’m 100% pleased with… but I’m learning!

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