About Eric D. Greene
Eric D. Greene
Eric D. Greene

I write on topics of personal interest, including parenting, personal development, art and more.


I’m a Dad, and nothing else in life is as important to me. My son is 7 years old and is an inspiration to be the best I can be.

I share my thoughts about parenting on my facebook page 1 Awesome Dad, and help support parents in Peaceful Parenting Community.

You can read more on my parenting blog here.


I’ve always been an artist. I started drawing cars, trucks and football helmets among other things as a kid. In high school I became known for my art, and even won in the school’s annual art show in the drawing category one year.

Although I put art aside after high school, I later returned to it after working in web design. My goal at that time was to improve my graphic design skills, however I immediately got pulled back in to drawing and painting, and developed an interest in oil pastels. View examples of my art here.


I learned to play the piano as a kid, and started playing guitar as a teenager. I played in various bands ranging from metal to blues to latin pop. I’ve always enjoyed the guitar, and my favorite to play is a Fender Stratocaster.

Personal Development

After my son was born, I developed a strong interest in personal development. I write on that here from time to time.

Vegan and Raw Food

On Jan 1, 2016 I went 100% vegan and have felt healthier than ever since then. For most of my life prior to that I had little interest in going vegan or eating healthy at all. I was doing what Rich Roll calls the ‘window diet’ in which you drive up to a window and they hand you some food.

Today I advocate for eating as much raw, unprocessed vegan food as possible, and even went over a month eating only raw. The transformation I have experienced has been amazing.

I have a page on Facebook for that called Give It To Me Raw.

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