Hi, I’m Eric D. Greene.  I am a dad and husband, an artist, a web developer, photographer and blogger.  I live in Northern California, in Folsom, which is just outside Sacramento.

Many of you may have found me through my oil pastels art, but I have a broad range of interests, from art and photography to SEO and how to run an online business.  I’m also interested in personal development and I write about self improvement here when the inspiration to do so strikes.

As for my art in particular, I work in various mediums, perhaps a second most popular to oil pastels would be Conte Crayon. I also do some acrylic and oil painting.  A gallery of my most popular art can be found here >> Art of Eric D. Greene  I am also putting together a page of my photography.

Read more about me here

My son is 4 and is my greatest inspiration.  I discuss my thoughts and opinions on parenting at my website 1 Awesome Dad.

forrest and eric 2014

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Thanks for visiting!  Eric D. Greene

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