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Eric D. Greene

Eric D. Greene

Welcome to my website of Eric D. Greene.  I am an artist, a web developer, a dad and husband.  I have been involved in art on and off all my life, but only since around 2009 was when I took it more seriously.

Most of you may be familiar with my oil pastels art, but I also work in various other mediums, perhaps a second most popular would be Conte Crayon. I do some acrylic and oil painting, but I continue to enjoy oil pastels the most.

You are welcome to have a look through my blog, or browse through the shop I have put together for anyone interested in purchasing my artwork. You might also be interested in getting a Custom Portrait Drawing.

Drawings of Children by Eric D. Greene

Portrait Drawings of Children by Eric D. Greene

I love to connect with others through social media, so I invite you to connect with me:

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Thanks for visiting!  Eric D. Greene

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